Our economy is based on having an educated and trained workforce. Pennsylvania is poised today to take the world into the future with technology and knowledge, just as it was when my great, great grandfather worked in one of the first steel mills in McKeesport many years ago. Those mills and employees provided the steel that built the bridges and skyscrapers of the United States. The tech companies and universities are similarly situated today to carry us forward into a new age of driverless cars, solar technologies, and robotics that we can only imagine. The 44 th District also enjoys the benefits of having the Pittsburgh International Airport voted the Best Airport of the Year by Air Transport and among the best in the US and world by Conde Nast Traveler magazine. One hundred members of SEIU union are employed at the airport not to mention the numerous other staff and unions that work and serve the area. The Allegheny County Airport Authority Fire Bureau has an Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Training Center at the airport as well. Dick’s Sporting Goods new Global headquarters is located at the airport and even boasts its own hanger. The airport offers training, jobs, and opportunity for economic growth in the 44 th District and I look forward to working on expanding on those opportunities.