I am a lifelong educator who has taught in elementary schools, preschools, and at the University level. Having been a School Board Director for my local school district over 20 years ago, I also know how schools run from the administrative side, and will be able to work with the school districts within the 44th: Avonworth S.D., Moon S.D., Quaker Valley S.D., and West Allegheny S.D. as well as the private schools within the district. At the state level, making sure that the fair funding option is used will insure that all of Pennsylvania’s children are receiving a good, public education that will lift the whole community with literate, informed citizens ready to step into the jobs of the future. Guaranteeing that teachers have the ability to provide the best possible education under the best possible conditions will create students prepared to enter the workforce or higher education and will bring quality, high paying jobs to Pennsylvania. Promoting STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and math-sometimes referred to as STEAM with art included) in our schools will insure that Pennsylvania’s children are ready to participate in the economy of the today and the future.