Presently, I am a Developmental Therapist who works with children birth to three with disabilities and delays. I’ve done this work for 12 years and get to know the families very well. Their children are often born with preexisting conditions and will need a lifetime of therapies. These families, whose homes I’m in, sometimes for three years, are families that will be bankrupted by almost any changes to the Affordable Care Act. It often requires herculean efforts to get to doctor appointments, children sometimes endure multiple surgeries, families must welcome total strangers into their home for therapy sessions, often while caring for other children, elderly parents, and working. They are starting a lifelong journey of making sure their child is well taken care of, protected, and educated just like every other parent does for their child. I help the families find their voices as a therapist, but I would like to speak for them and all the children of the 44th District at the state level.