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CHIP should not be a political football

Imagine having to choose between making a mortgage payment and taking a sick child to the doctor. This could happen, in your neighborhood, on your street, to someone you love.

A generation of children has grown up, and their parents have cared for them, with the children’s insurance program, known as CHIP (Childrens Health Insurance Program). These kids and parents have been sheltered by the guarantee that kids can have health care no matter what happens to a family’s jobs, savings, and local economy. Whether there is a lay-off, an illness, or a slowdown at work, parents have taken comfort in knowing that their children will be able to see their pediatricians without putting the family into financial turmoil.

Unfortunately, CHIP has become a political football. If you look at the website for the current 44th district representative, you will see a lot about making gambling available, but nothing about doing the same for children’s health care. Michele Knoll sees things differently.

Michele is proud of Pennsylvania’s pioneering work in taking care of children. Bipartisan votes in Pennsylvania’s legislature created our own CHIP in 1992. Early on, we started providing the health care access that supports our children and parents. Five years later, in 1997, our nation used Pennsylvania’s program as a model to change children’s and their parents’ lives: the uninsured children are now assured of care, the worried parents now feel safe.

The US Congress, in the current budget debate, used the CHIP program as a negotiating tactic. The budget resolution that Congress passed on January 22nd included funding for CHIP, but we are still in danger: this continuing resolution (CR) only keeps the government open until February 8th and there are no guarantees that CHIP won’t again be used as a negotiating point as Congress continues to wrangle over a long-term budget deal. Pennsylvanians can take comfort in that our state has done a better job managing CHIP funds than other states. Some states actually ran out of funds during the recent defunding attempt in Congress while Pennsylvania’s funds were projected to last until March.

As Michele says: “Children’s health and well being are paramount for children to be able to thrive in the classroom. If they aren’t feeling well or are hungry and are unable to access good medical care or nutritional food, then they will not be able to learn and become productive citizens in our state. We must prioritize children’s health care over funding for walls to keep people out when most illegal immigrants arrive via airports. Practically speaking, children’s health care must get more funding and attention than pipe or wall dreams.”

Michele has devoted her life to children as an educator, advocate, and school board director. It’s time to bring both heart and leadership to the 44th.

2018 Women’s March in Pittsburgh

It was an honor to be able to join so many others at the marchers at the Women’s March in Pittsburgh on January 21st, and to have the opportunity to speak. To see many supporters and my family in the huge crowd, was inspirational. Marching in the streets of Pittsburgh with so many like minded people prior to the midterm elections feels like a blue wave is coming. I was also fortunate enough to attend the transformative Summit Against Racism the day before the Women’s March. Thank you to the organizers and volunteers of both events

Video of Michele firing up the crowd

See Michele’s entire speech

Help get Michele Knoll on the ballot

Help us bring strong leadership to the 44th district, let’s get Michele Knoll on the ballot! Party candidates for state office have to file nomination petitions with the Pennsylvania Secretary of State. We need to get residents of the 44th district to sign Michelle Knoll’s petition.

We will be gathering signatures from February 13, 2018 through March 6, 2018. We will be getting these by going door to door to constituents and at house parties.

Please let us know if you want to volunteer to help, or that you want to sign our petition by entering your information here

A successful campaign kick off

Surrounded by 65 supporters and friends, Michele Knoll officially kicked off her campaign to win the house seat for the 44th district of Pennsylvania on November 9, 2017. The event, held at the Ohio Township Nature center, was a great success, with people sharing their ideas over donated treats and coffee before the official announcement began. Thanks to all who volunteered and attended!

The MC for the night was Jen Johnson Nazareth, who introduced us to 3 speakers there to support Michelle Knoll’s candidacy. These included 2 of her daughters, Adrianne Knoll Krings and Morgan Knoll Krings Ulanowicz. They spoke about what a wonderful role model their mother was to them and the community.

The third speaker, Abby Vernon, gave a heartfelt and moving
recommendation based on the work Michele Knoll did for her daughter. Through her job of doing early intervention for special needs children, Knoll helped Abby’s daughter learn and grow beyond expectations. She also helped the entire family, providing support and understanding. Knoll was persistent, diligent, and always went there extra mile. These are the qualities that will make her an excellent state legislator.

Michele Knoll took the stage and formally announced her candidacy for the 44th legislative district to cheers from the enthusiastic crowd. She outlined her platform based on three principles of education, job opportunities and economic development. Her background in education for 20 years, plus work on a school board and volunteering have all helped her to prepare to tackle these issues in Harrisburg.

An attendee shared on her social media the next day that she believes Michele Knoll “has what it takes to be a voice for those that are silenced. To show reason in a world that has become chaotic. That is what we need in Harrisburg.”